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December 25th, 2011

Merry Christmas

The real reason for the season.
May you and yours be blessed this Christmas and in the coming New Year.
Thank You for your support and for visiting and I hope to see all of you in the New Year, too!
Merry Christmas and be inspired!

September 12th, 2011

Concert Photography

I found this image I took last summer and thought I would share about an aspect of concert photography.
A lot of times photographing at a concert is very limited.
One of my favorite tenets is to always check the different angles.
Especially, behind your subject.
Looking the opposite way!
I have to remind you how many times this has yielded another amazing image.
Here’s another example.
This is from almost behind the stage.
Again, the lighting is so much more dramatic and appealing than a straight on shot.
Here’s the scene from the front:
The light is okay, but look back at the first image again.
The light is much more interesting and real.
Next shoot, especially the ones where you work really hard, stop and walk around and see what happens.
Be inspired!

August 17th, 2011

Concert Photographer

Concert photography is a specialized niche that seems like it would be easy, but of course it takes experience and practice.
The band, “Red,” was performing at the Harvest Crusade last Saturday and I was assigned to cover them.
They were a huge ball of energy with each of the members moving and dancing all over the entire stage.
My job was to focus in on the best movements that would represent their energy in the best way possible.
I love this image which is composed well and portrays the message of the band visually and communicates the passion which the band exudes.
All that in one image!
I noticed that the lead singe liked to be very theatrical and would hold his poses for a beat or two for effect.
I was ready turning the camera into a vertical position so that his hand would fit the composition.
I placed him in the lower left area of convergence and coupled with the negative space it’s a nice clean image that visually communicates a lot of emotion to my viewers.
The sound from this band was a wall of sound that was extremely loud in a venue that held about 40,000 people.
Unfortunately, I was standing right next to the speakers.
Fortunately, I had ear plugs in. Experience 1!
You will quickly be deaf without ear protection, no matter how much you love the band’s music.
WIth ear plugs, it’s like shooting in your own quiet space.
It really allows you to focus on what you are doing without any audio distractions. It is a really strange sensation. Must be sort of like a depravation tank is like, on a much smaller scale.
Enjoy and….
Be inspired!