Friday, December 16th, 2011

Ideas for Family Photos

Every year at Thanksgiving I make portraits of my niece, nephews and my own kids.
It’s quite the affair.
Lights and backdrops and amidst turkey and football, I make portraits.
The standard has become increasingly higher each year.
This year, like last, I was asked to make portraits for my sister’s Christmas cards.
One light on an umbrella, camera right and slightly over the existing ambient light.
I have learned when photographing children, what ever happens, is what you get.
They smile and are perfect angels? Cool, that’s the images I get.
They cry and refuse to do anything their parents beg? That’s okay too!
This bit of knowledge has saved me years of frustration.
Obviously, I work with my subjects to get the best reaction, but with kids, you have to be ready for anything.
In the first image, I asked my niece to hug her brother.
Cute, but I wanted more.
My sister suggested a prop!
Excellent! Props are perfect tools to help your subjects relax and become more at ease in front of the camera.
My nephew and niece did exactly that and the signs’ message is perfect.
I especially love that my nephew’s feet are crossed!
Finally, no shoot is complete without a great outtake.
I asked them to jump and my niece tried to hold the dog, too.
Except, the photo looks like something out of awkward family photos!
She isn’t choking her beloved pooch, but was sad that she wasn’t holding the dog.
The rule that I try to live by is whatever my kid subject’s do, will be fine.
They cry, great! They fight! Even better moments.
Relax and be inspired!

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