Monday, December 12th, 2011

Just One More…

We are a society of cameras.
Everyone has one.
In their camera.
A stand alone.
In their tablet.
We all have to document everything we attend.
Yesterday was a beloved child’s first birthday.
When the time came for the traditional, “let the birthday baby eat the cake,” routine, everyone whipped out their camera and started recording, snapping and documenting.
I had to stand on a chair and even then I’ve been in less crowded photo scrums.
At least the light was nice. Even beautiful ambient light that nicely illuminated the birthday boy as the crowd waited for the mayhem to begin.
I finally decided to record the event, rather than just the baby.
Rather than get frustrated about the lack of access, I showed the whimsy of the moment.
Next time you are recording an event and something out of the ordinary happens, consider capturing that event rather than being focused only on the original idea.
You might just be surprised at your results.
Be inspired!

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