Monday, August 29th, 2011

Low Light Photography

Just a quick post about low light photography.
We had about 25 teenagers in our pool last night for our son’t birthday party.
It was getting dark, so I needed to adjust my camera settings to be able to make an acceptable exposure in the low light.
Boys will be boys and they decided to launch each other as far as they could from the shallow towards the deep end.
At first I was getting a lot of subject movement at 800 ISO. The boys weren’t going to move any slower and it was getting darker, so I decided to up my ISO to 1600 which gave me another stop of speed and I panned the camera with the subject as he moved across the frame from camera right to camera left.
My settings were as follows: f/stop 2.8 and shutter speed at 1/60 second and ISO at 1600.
The panning helps to freeze the subject since the shutter speed was still too slow to freeze him as he crossed my lens.
Try this technique the next time you find yourself with low light, an ISO that’s about maxed out and a subject that is moving.
Be inspired!

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