Friday, January 13th, 2012

Natural Light Portrait

I love the beginning of semesters.
There is such promise and hopes of new ideas and images to be created.
Today’s post deals with natural light portraits.
Most of the images that photographers make are related to people.
So I inform my students that learning to light their people photos is a priority.
The unfortunate students that forgot their cameras this morning were tapped to be our models.
It was interesting to see and show my students how different 4 models can be.
Two were really at ease, one was okay and one was super nervous.
With the right amount of coaching, each subject was made to look at ease and we were able to capture good photos of each subject.
The light utilized was all natural.
The main light source was the ambient light that was shining through the window.
The fill light in the room was coming from other windows that were further away, camera left and a fluorescent that was weak and overhead, but really wasn’t strong enough do affect the photo in any way.
In this image, we directed the subject to put her shoulders against the back wall, put one of her feet on the wall(which was actually too high) and to turn her head towards the window.
The result was a pleasing natural light portrait.
The trick is to identify your light sources.
The ambient light in this image isn’t strong enough to overpower the light coming through the window.
So the photographers’ job is to make sure the subject cheats their face towards the strongest light source.
Look for the light and you’ll be making better and stronger portraits in no time.
Be inspired!

Michael is the author of, “Take Better Photos Now,” and, “Mommie Pics,” ebooks that help everyone become better photographers through tips and secrets that he has learned during his more than 25 years of experience as a professional photographer and photography teacher. Her currently is an adjunct professor at Cal Baptist University in Riverside, California. To purchase either ebook, click the links. CLICK HERE FOR “TakeBetterPhotosNow!

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