Monday, October 24th, 2011

Pet Photography Tips

I have two very special and spoiled dogs.
Shasta, the star of this post and Roxy, who will make her debut in an upcoming post.
I’ve never been very good at photographing these two very important pooches.
So, I decided to explore this very special genre of photography.
Pet photography!
I’m pretty good when it comes to action:
But I can never seem to capture their personalities on “film.”

I did a little exploring and found that almost every tipster on the internet advised getting down to their level.
Like flower photography, I believe that we should photograph our subjects from an angle that isn’t normal.

We normally look down from a standing position when we see our dogs.
Tomorrow, I will attempt to get down to his level and see how that affects my images.

I did come up with a very well composed and well timed image of my favorite yellow lab. His tongue is just flicking and he is basically still.
In the past, most of my images of my hounds have been very ho hum.
So, my self-imposed assignment challenge is on.
Check back for tomorrow’s post and we will see if, “Getting down to their level,” works out for me.
Until then….be inspired!

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