Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Photo Tip

Quick photo tip.
Why is the sun not as intense at sunrise/sunset as it is in the middle of the day?
Unfortunatley, it’s due to the stuff in our air.
Dust, I can live with that.
But what about the pollution that makes for those spectacular Southern California sunsets?
So, my tip today is for those people that are sensitive to the harsh light of noon, can handle the less intense light of sunset or sunrise.
Oh, the lovely stuff you see in this frame is rain, falling gently.
Yes, it’s sprinkling down even now as I write this blog.
Enjoy the beauty and let’s try not to dwell too much on the why.
Be inspired!

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One Response

October 1, 2011
Rick Lockwood

Hey Mike ….nice site. great idea man! This is very timely as I have just bought my 1st digital camera and I’m getting back into photography in a big way. I plan on doing portraits , weddings and quinineras ( very big here in San Antonio ) Look forward to getting some tips from Da Man !

your friend,

Rick Lockwood

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