Friday, November 12th, 2010

Repetition in photography

repetition8Repetition in photography is a fun little niche that can be used to play with patterns that can be found in our visual world around us. What I look for is a pattern that runs through a frame, in this image I saw some students walking through the pattern to interrupt the pattern but not end it. Here’s a few compositional things, I placed the girl walking through the frame in the upper left area of convergence and the shadows/pattern runs diagonally through the frame.

This image was taken with my iphone and the cool hipstamatic app which has the look and feel of a toy camera. Having a lot of fun with this as you can see, I’ve done tons of blog posts with this coolest of apps.

Happy shooting!

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One Response

November 16, 2011

Great photo. There are so many ways you can take pictures that enhance the photo. Be creative and have fun.

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